Dr Jordan Moncrieff


Dr Jordan Moncrieff (Osteopath)

Jordan is a Senior Osteopath and Director of Reset Practice Co. 

Jordan completed his Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) and Osteopathic Medicine/Osteopathy at RMIT University, Victoria. He’s also a qualified Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) Practitioner from the Prague School of Rehabilitation. 

As a young AFL footballer, chronic groin pain limited Jordan’s capacity to train and compete at the highest level. It also gave him the biggest gift – a powerful reason to explore effective movement & training. Not only did the traditional treatment approaches he used not help him, they actually made him worse. That was until 2008, when he was introduced to DNS, an exercise rehabilitation approach that finally helped him address the source of his problem. He realised that what he was previously told to do and how he was taught to train was wrong. And, once he understood the problem, he knew what the solution was. He needed to re-train his body to move and stabilise more in alignment with how we were designed to. 

During this journey, Jordan also met an osteopath that significantly supported his progress. What captured his attention the most was that the osteopath took a holistic approach to treatment by looking beyond the site of pain. It was then that Jordan knew how powerful the combination of osteopathy and exercise rehabilitation would be for helping others achieve effective, life-long, transformative results. 

As a result of his training and the changes to his body, Jordan has gone from years of chronic groin pain to training everyday; whether it’s surfing, running, AFL, yoga or his own movement practice, free from any soft tissue injuries for over 10 years. 

Now Jordan’s mission is to share his knowledge and experience to help others. He’s committed to educating and empowering his clients to reset their body back to its natural, most optimal state by learning how to move, breathe and stabilise based on how we were designed to, in conjunction with osteopathic manual therapy. 

Jordan works with a wide range of clients and presentations, but specialises in working with active individuals that want to regain control of their body & rebuild their confidence to get back to doing the activities they love to do without pain or fear of injury.