Dr Jethro Cooney


Dr Jethro Cooney (Osteopath)

From a young age, Jethro started developing an understanding of his body thanks to his mother (a Pilates teacher) and early exposure to yoga, along with other movement practices. Throughout Jethro’s life he’s become an accomplished free-diver, cyclist and rock climber, and has a rich understanding of various physical disciplines.

Jethro has over a decade of experience in the health industry, collaborating in various capacities with diverse athletes ranging from MMA fighters to surfers and endurance athletes. 

As a qualified remedial massage therapist, Jethro uses these skills alongside his osteopathic manual therapy and movement practice knowledge to support individuals to understand how they move, how to move well, and how to do so without pain. 

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Jethro continually seeks optimal solutions, leveraging insights gleaned from years of exploration across different sporting realms. His current passion lies in cycling and endurance sports. 

Jethro also integrates Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) with all he has learned into his practice, applying this knowledge to guide others towards pain-free movement.

Jethro is available for sessions at Bundall on Mondays, and Palm Beach on Wednesdays.