Dr Lachlan O’Kelly


Dr Lachlan O’Kelly (Osteopath)

Lachlan is a second year associate osteopath at Reset Practice Co.

Lachlan completed his Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University, Melbourne in 2020.

Lachlan’s interest in pain and injury prevention, coupled with his passion for maximising athletic performance led him to become an osteopath. Having recently moved to the Gold Coast to work with and learn from Jordan, Lachlan is learning and implementing the DNS model into his treatment approach to help empower his patients to perform better and manage their own pain. 

Lachlan has spent the last 18 months working as an osteopath in Canberra. He has experience working with a wide range of clients and presentations including NRL players, climbing athletes, office workers and weekend warriors. Lachlan’s specialty is working with individuals that want to take control of their pain so that they can return to the activities that they love doing. 

In his free time, Lachlan enjoys surfing, climbing and golf.

Lachlan is available for sessions at Palm Beach on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays, and Bundall on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays.